Jesus "I am the way, the truth, and the life."


Minchinbury Anglican Church is a Christian church that bases its beliefs and practises firmly on the Bible. As such, we proclaim that Jesus died for sin and rose again offering new life to all who believe (John 3:16). Click here to read more about Jesus. Additionally, as an Anglican church, we also uphold the beliefs set forward in the 39 Articles of Religion.


We believe and proclaim the good news of Jesus Christ. Namely, that because of his love and in fulfillment of the Scriptures, God sent his Son, Jesus Christ, to die as a sacrifice for sinful human beings, taking the just punishment that we deserve. We believe that God raised Jesus to life again, demonstrating the effectiveness of his atoning work and giving us the hope of eternal life.

We believe that a person comes into relationship with Jesus Christ and so benefits from his work on his or her behalf, by repenting of one’s sin and by trusting in Jesus Christ as Lord. We believe that no one can be saved by his or her works but solely by repenting and trusting in Jesus.


We regularly run the ‘One Life’ series for anyone interested in exploring the meaning of life and the claims made by Jesus. We also regularly run the ‘Just for Starters’ series for those who want to learn more about what it means to follow Jesus. Everyone is welcome, no matter your age or background. Every night includes good food, coffee, a short talk, and the opportunity for discussion and questions – all in a relaxed atmosphere. If you want to find out more about Jesus and Christianity, why not come along?

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