Our Vision & Mission A Place of Renewal


We long to see all people in multicultural western Sydney, and beyond, renewed through the love of Jesus Christ.


We seek to make disciples and multiply communities who love Jesus and show Jesus’ love.


In prayerful dependence on the Holy Spirit, we seek to make this happen by giving priority to the following 5 core values and purposes of God’s church.

  • R EACH – We want to actively reach out to the different communities of Western Sydney, proclaiming the good news of the forgiveness of sins and eternal life through Jesus Christ alone.
  • E NGAGE – We seek to engage people in the life and community of our church through loving welcome, hospitality, and practical care.
  • N URTURE – We seek to nurture each person in their knowledge and love of Jesus through a commitment to the prayerful proclamation of God’s word, individually and in community.
  • E QUIP – We value every Christian in our church community being trained and equipped to joyfully use the gifts God has given them for the benefit of the church and the mission of Jesus.
  • W ORSHIP – We want to be known as a church that honours Jesus with our lips, and with our whole lives. Everything we do is for his glory.

You can see these things consistently as you read the New Testament, but if you’re looking for a snapshot of where they all appear together, check out Acts 2:41-47. You can see here Luke describing how the early church worshipped God, enjoyed community together in fellowship, devoted themselves to God’s Word through the Apostles teaching, served one another with their resources, and were on mission for Jesus. Ultimately, we want our church to be a church like that.


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