Support Here's why we think you should support your church financially.


As Christians we have been shown grace upon grace. We are to have generous hearts that reflect the generous heart of our heavenly Father and then we are to set those hearts on the things of God. We want to see all members generously supporting their church with their finances. Here are a few reasons why:

We are obligated to pay for what we receive. We receive the services of our governments, so we pay our taxes.We receive products and services from companies, banks, merchants, etc. and so we must pay our debts.We receive ministry from our church, so we must make sure we finance that ministry.

We are obligated to meet burdens. Life costs money. So we are to work hard to meet the burden of our own personal day-to-day needs. Idleness in the Bible is ungodly. However, we are not islands in this life, and so we are urged to help carry the burdens of those who for whatever reason are not able to carry their own – it is part of what it means to love. The Bible places special stress on the need to look after our own relatives and the needs of our fellow believers, especially those who preach and teach God’s word.

These obligations are our duty, but it is also each Christian’s delight in meeting them.